Prison Escape

This game has been developed as part of an interdisciplinary Media Project with intermedia design students. I did the most of the programming and the implementation of the level design.

The focus lies on the story and the interaction of the characters with eachother. The main character is a young man named Will who awakens in a closed cell at the beginning of the game. To escape he needs the help of Rya, a young woman who is in the cell next to him and who can interact with him through a ventilation shaft. By hints which are located in the two rooms they can solve their assigned task and thus get out of their cells. Afterwards, they are confronted with the mysterious game master who tells them that they have to deal with other tasks before regaining their freedom. In the following room the player has to complete a parkour section where some obstacles are made more difficult by current elements. In order to avoid the current, the player can choose to redirect it. However, Rya who had to sit down in an electric chair would be exposed to the redirected current. The game master wants to examine how empathically the player behaves towards Rya. Over the course of the game Will and Rya have to undergo many other experiments. The player gets to know about the game master’s motif and the relationships between the characters by conversations and interactions with objects.

Puzzle and parkour rooms alternate throughout the game. In the puzzle rooms the player can interact with objects, examine or carry them around. Through interactive dialogues with Rya and the collaborative solving of riddles and puzzles the bond to the player is to be strengthened. In the parkour rooms the player’s agility is demanded by overcoming obstacles through jumps, wall runs and climbing hand over hand. Additionally, the empathy towards Rya is also examined, although not obviously for the player. In the entire game the character is controlled from a first-person perspective. Within the scope of the project the first puzzle and parkour rooms have been implemented.