GDW – Ninja Elefant

The GameDevWeek is an event organized by students of the Trier University of Applied Sciences in which students of both computer science and design studies jointly work out an idea for a videogame and then implement it within a week. Within the project I was responsible for gameplay and AI programming.

During the winter semester 2016/2017 the stealth game Ninja Elefant has been developed. The player controls the eponymous ninja elephant who has to pass through various areas of a museum in order to steal the precious jade peanut. Since it’s not allowed to set off the alarm the player has to avoid numerous zebra guards patrolling through the corridors of the museum. Entering the field of vision of a non-alerted guard, the player might escape. In case of success, the guard will return to it’s patrol. If the player is shased by a guard for too long the alarm level rises. Once a certain level is reached additional guards are alerted. If the alarm level rises too high a major alarm is sett off and the player loses the game. The major alarm is also triggered when a guard is chasing the player and thus gets too close or when the player runs through an activated laser barrier. These can be switched off.

To escape the guards the player can use a sprint. However, during a sprint the elephant is difficult to control and easily bumps into shelves and other museum objects. If these fall over or break nearby guards could be attracted by caused noises. But the player can also use sounds to distract guards by shooting peanuts with the trunk of the elephant. At certain positions the elephant can camouflage himself as a statue, which prevents him from being recognized by the guards. Approaching a guard from behind allows the elephant to eliminate the guard.

For additional information: Wiki entry (German) of the computer science student association.