GDW – Battle for Metal

The GameDevWeek is an event organized by students of the Trier University of Applied Sciences in which students of both computer science and design studies jointly work out an idea for a videogame and then implement it within a week. or this project I was responsible for gameplay and physics programming. Furthermore I was named team leader of the physics department.

During the summer semester 2015 the game Battle for Metal was developed. It is a 2D top-down multiplayer shooter in which two teams with up to four players compete against each other. In a post-apocalyptic world, scrap and metal have become important resources. Players must try to collect as many metal parts as possible and carry them to the base of their team where the metal is converted into points. The team with the most points wins the game. All players are equipped with a magnetic weapon with which they can shoot collected metal parts for their defense against other players. They can either fire a scattered shot or an aimed shot for long distances. In consequence of suffering too much damage the player dies and drops all collected metal pieces which then can be collected by other players. After a while the player will respawn at the base.

Metal splinters as well as wrecked cars, which can be dismantled by the players with a magnetic beam, serve as a source for metal parts. In addition, a satellite falls onto the map at regular intervals where the players can gather an enormous amount of resources. The position of the satellite is shown to the players so that they all gather around at ground zero. This is supposed to eventuate in exciting battles for the loot. Since collecting metal pieces results in reduced movement speed and therefore higher vulnerability to attacks, players should always ponder how much they are willing to risk.

For additional information: Wiki entry (German) of the computer science student association.