I made this game in my first semester for the course Digital Games. The task was to write a preliminary design document for a variation of the arcade classic game Frogger and to implement the game described in it afterwards. Since this project was a single person work I did both programming and graphics myself.

Like in the original game the player has to navigate a frog over a heavily frequented road and a river subsequently to reach the destination fields at the top of the game before the time limit is reached. It is necessary to avoid the vehicles and to use the platforms on the river since the frog itself can not swim.

Unlike in the original the player controls various frogs which all have their own destination field. In addition, the variation contains rails on which periodically a train drives which completely blocks the way with its wagons. The player can pick up power ups which randomly appear on the river platforms with one of the following effects: Extra life, slow down of obstacles or extra time. Besides faster vehicles the difficulty increases in the following levels in that the water lily leaves can be used by the player as temporary platforms only. Furthermore, the frog is targeted by a huntsman if it has not moved for a while. If the player remains standing the frog gets shot.