French People and the Mafia

French People and the Mafia (working title) is a turn-based strategy game which we developed within less than 3 month with a core team of 4 people. I was responsible for implementing game mechanics and AI.

The game is about two rivaling mafia gangs that fight for the control over a city, which is represented by two mafia bosses playing a board game. To win the game players must bring a bigger part of the city territory under their control. This territory is represented by a hexagonal grid on which the charakter tokens representing gang members are moved on. Each cell of the grid is assigned to a so called Point of Interest, special buildings like a bank or a harbor, which can be occupied to win control over the grid cells. Furthermore these buildings act as an income source for money or as a recruitment spot for new gang members. An important aspect to win in combat is to use the gang bonus, meaning that adjacent gang members buff eachothers combat strength. Though we have only implemented a limited amount of gameplay elements, this gang bonus leads to very meaningfull decisions and tactical considerations since the sequence of moving your charakter tokens can make a difference between victory or defeat. Another important aspect is the police in the game. Occupying buildings in the city will attract attention of local police stations which results in policemen interfering in the gang fights.

In the current version a hotseat mode for local multiplayer is supported. Additionally a single player mode against our first iteration AI had been finished. After getting positive feedback a the Quo Vadis 2018, we initially planned to add more features like an online multiplayer and improved singleplayer (campaign, more sophisticated AI). In favor of other projects and due to me leaving the University to begin working in the games industry, we decided to stop development instead. But some of us continued working together and started their own company Emergo Entertainment (check them out!).